Senior Node.js Developer with DevOps Experience

5 years of experience working with JavaScript with a strong emphasis on Node.js


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Once you choose a job, do it with the utmost respect!
Our client is one of the pioneers of IT Services market in Bulgaria.
For one of their partners, who is a company with 20+ years of experience in Software Development and 5+ years of experience in Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Software consulting and business software provider for companies from multiple sectors, we are looking for the following profile:


  • Able to implement solutions to integrate the backend system;
  • Be engaged to support and collaborate within a dynamic agile scrum environment;
  • Collaborate with any required documentation and build out testing;
  • Get involved in DevOps best practices and philosophy.


  • Over 5 years of experience working with JavaScript with a strong emphasis on Node.js and related technologies (Express.js);
  • Clear knowledge of SOLID design principles and ACID properties;
  • Experience implementing OOP in JavaScript;
  • Understand the difference and when is preferable OOP vs Procedural vs Functional.


  • 25 days paid annual leave;
  • Home office policy;
  • Health insurance plan (medical and dental coverage);
  • Food Vouchers;
  • Referral program;
  • Sport halls, sports enthusiasm… more and more.

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To get more information about the technical stack CLICK HERE or contact us 0700 12 220. 
H2H have Recruitment License from National Agency of Employment №2770.

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