Front-end Technical Lead

5 years of experience with Development of High Performance Web Applications


Английски език

Full work day


”I was just excited to have challenging work to do and smart people to work with.” – Katherine Johnson

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All you need is to have fluent English, more than 5 years of experience with Development of High Performance Web Applications and experience with TypeScript, ReactJS 16.x, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, MobX, LESS.

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    Готови сме да Ви съдействаме във всеки един момент, а работното ни време приключва когато сме удовлетворили напълно Вашите желания.

    Съвместната работа е най – ефективният начин да бъдем по-креативни и да постигаме желаните резултати.

    Our success is the most enviable proof of how much we love our work. Passion is our hallmark and it is the mandatory ingredient in each of our projects.